Custom Orders

How do I place a custom order?

Email with “Custom Order” as your subject line. Tell us about your idea and we will follow up for more information. 

Visual references are always helpful. If you would like us to reference/recreate an item that is sold out on our website, please include the link or a photo. 

Can I return a custom item if I don’t like it when it arrives?

Sorry, but custom orders are non-refundable. We will send you a copy of the design sketch for approval, at which time you are able to request design changes before the item goes into production. We also send a photo of the finished product before shipping. 

Any requests for changes must be made before the item is sent.

Can I return a custom item if it doesn’t fit?

All custom items are made to order, with measurements and special requests supplied in advance by the client. We take all possible precautions to ensure that items are created in line with your specifications. 

We are unable to refund any custom orders.

Can I return a custom item if it arrives damaged?

If your custom order is damaged during shipping, you can return it to be repaired at no cost. 

We cannot do refunds or store credit on custom pieces.

Where can I find info on custom leather jackets?

Please scroll down to the bottom of this page for more information on Minor Lion painted leather jackets, including custom orders.

Leather Jackets

Where are your jackets made?

Our leather jackets are handmade by community artisans at Dillo Leather Bag in Mumbai, India.

Where are your jackets painted/customized?

Our leather jackets are hand-painted, finished, and customized by artist Shallom Johnson at Minor Lion Atelier in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. 

We use a combination of leather paints, beading, embroidery, and vintage buttons, pins, and patches to finish every jacket as a truly unique works of art.

I like the painting but I need a different size/color jacket, what should I do?

We currently offer a limited edition signature biker jacket in three different colorways (black, dark blue, and dusty pink). There are four sizes available in each color. Each of our jackets is painted and finished by hand, and as such is a unique work of art. 

If you would like to have a similar painting done on a different size or color of jacket, please email to place your custom order. 

I see a jacket I like in your store! Can you add something to it for me?

Unfortunately we are unable to further customize jackets that have already been completed and posted online. 

I have my own artwork/design idea, can you make it for me?

Yes, we can! Please email with your idea and we will respond within 24 hours to get the ball rolling. 

Visual references are always helpful. Send pics or links to help us fulfill your vision!

Can I send you a jacket that I already have to be customized?

Unfortunately we are unable to receive client-owned jackets for customization at this time, but it is something we may start doing soon! Follow us on social media and you'll be the first to know :)